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Presidential Press Corps accreditation

26 June 2003

26 June 2003

Members of the Presidential Press Corps are requested to submit two passport photos for accreditation purposes. The accreditation is being finalised and the cards will be available as soon as the process has been completed. As part of the process, security clearance is underway for members who have already submitted their forms. Members who have not yet submitted their forms are advised to do so urgently in order to speed up this process.

Forms are obtainable from GCIS in Pretoria. Passport photos should be forwarded to Harold Maloka either by email or hand delivered at GCIS offices in Pretoria not later than Friday, 25 July 2003. Please note that no accreditation will be issued until clearance has been done.

Harold Maloka
Tel: 012 314 2148
Cell: 082 847 9799

Issued by: Government Communications (GCIS)

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