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Government to launch Freedom Month: 3 Apr

31 March 2014

31 March 2014

Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr Paul Mashatile and Minister of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, Mr Collins Chabane will launch Freedom Month on Thursday, 3 April 2014 at Government Communication and Information System. The theme for the 2014 Freedom Month celebrations is South Africa - a Better Place to live in.

The Deputy CEO of GCIS, Nebo Legoabe said, “As part of the 20 Years of Freedom celebrations, GCIS is convening the National Communication Partnership. This is an initiative to ensure that joint effort is undertaken in communicating the successes that South Africa has achieved since the advent of democracy and in celebrating 20 Years of our Freedom”.

The main objectives of the National Communication Partnership are: to ensure that an inclusive information sharing platform is made available to all sectors of society. Rrepresentatives from business, labour, civil society, academia and media will attend the event for a shared vision in celebrating 20 years of Freedom.

Participants will debate the following topics: 20 Years: An assessment of business opportunities in the last 20 years, Social Cohesion: How far we have come! South Africa has a good story to tell, and 20 years and Media and marketing plans.

Freedom Day will be held at Union Building on 27th of April, the President will give a keynote address.

“Freedom Day 2014 is a highly significant occasion as it marks 20 years of democracy in South Africa. It is an opportunity not only to celebrate 20 years of freedom and democracy, but to reflect on how South Africa’s democracy and freedom was achieved,  the progress made in the past 20 years and how South Africans should work together to implement the National Development Plan”, said Legoabe.

Events will unfold as follows:

Date: Thursday, 3 April 2014
Time: 09h00
Venue: GCIS, Tshedimosetso House, 1035 Frances Baard Street, Hatfield, Pretoria


PART 1: 09h00 – 10h30: Freedom Month Launch
PART 2: 11h00- 16h00: National Communication Partnership

For enquiries kindly contact Nebo Legoabe on 082 453 2874

For more information on Twenty Years of Freedom events follow twitter updates on @20_YOF

Issued by Government Communications and Information System (GCIS)

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