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GCIS Budget Vote 2013/14

08 May 2013

The Minister in The Presidency for Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Administration, Collins Chabane delivered the GCIS Budget Vote Speech in Parliament on 9 May from 14:00.

The Budget Vote sets out how much money the GCIS would need during the next financial year. During his presentation, the Minister reported on the work that the GCIS has done over the past financial year. From 2012, the GCIS identified deserving staff members to attend the delivery of the 2012/13 GCIS Budget Vote.

1. What is the GCIS Budget Vote

The Budget Vote is a speech delivered by the Minister which outlines the plans, highlights and priorities of Government Communications (GCIS). Who presents the Budget Vote speech?
2. Who presents the Budget Vote speech?

The Budget Vote speech is presented by Minister Collins Chabane, who is Minister in the Presidency for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation and Administration.
3. When is it?
It takes place on 9 May 2013 at 14:00.
4. Where will it be presented?
It will be presented in Parliament, Cape Town.
5. Why is it important?
Budget Vote is important for you to know progress and developments taking place in government communication and also to learn more about where else you can access government information.
6. How can I be involved?
If you are in Cape Town, you can be part of the outreach programme taking place at Lookout Hill Hall in Khayelitsha between 11h00 and 14h00. This will give you an opportunity to interact with the Minister and Deputy Minister Obed Bapela.
7. How often does the Budget Vote happen?
The Budget Vote speech is presented once a year after the Minister of Finance has presented his annual national budget to Parliament.
8. Who is the Budget Vote presented to?
The speech is presented to the parliamentary committee which has oversight over GCIS. The committee can also check whether the GCIS has kept the promises it made for the previous year and whether it spent the taxpayers’ money properly.
9. What is GCIS?
GCIS is the central communications agency of government which communicates government policies, plans programmes and achievements to the public.
10. Where can I read the Budget Vote Speech?
Simply visit: to get a copy of the speech.

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