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Post-Cabinet Lekgotla media statement

07 September 2012

7 September 2012


Cabinet held its Lekgotla three years and four months into the term of this administration.  The three-day, extended Cabinet meeting took place from 4 September to 6 September 2012 at the Makgatho Presidential Guesthouse in Pretoria. 

 The key objectives of the Cabinet Lekgotla were to assess progress on the various targetswhich government undertook to realize and achieve by 2014. To this end, the key thrust of the meeting focused on ensuring that government remains accountable to the service delivery needs of our people; receive progress report on the key infrastructure projects. Cabinet also received the strategic implementation plan from the National Planning Commission and the report from the Presidential Review Committee on State Entities.

Presidential Infrastructure Co-ordinating Committee Report.

The Cabinet Lekgotla received a progress report on the infrastructure build programme, across the seventeen strategic integrated projects (SIPs).  Cabinet also welcomed the steps taken to speed up construction and project sign off. Progress with spending as well as construction activities were tabled.

The Lekgotla agreed to a new SIP on water and sanitation, aimed at addressing the country's immediate and long-term water and sanitation needs. It called on all spheres of government to strengthen implementation and enhance the localisation programme for components and supplies of infrastructure inputs. Projects that support regional integration will receive special attention.

The Lekgotla welcomed the work done on cost-containment and measures to address and combat corruption in the infrastructure plan, which will now go through the Cabinet process in the next few months.

Progress on the implementation of government priorities

Cabinet noted progress on the implementation of   government’s priorities in health, fighting crime and corruption, job creation, rural development, local government and basic services and education and skills development. The review report focused on assessing progress to date against the detailed targets per priority which were set in 2009.

Areas of good progress were noted, such as evidence of increasing life expectancy as a result of government’s comprehensive response to HIV and AIDS, reductions in infant and under-5 mortality rates, an increase in the number of artisans qualifying per annum and a reduction in the overall serious crime rate. 

Cabinet agreed that all the relevant departments should develop concrete actions to accelerate progress in those areas where, based on current trends, it appears that the targets may not be met.  For example, there were discussions on ensuring that teachers are in class teaching seven hours a day, that textbooks are delivered timeously, that hospitals always have adequate supplies of medicines, and that municipalities have appropriately qualified officials in key positions.

National Strategic Implementation plan

Cabinet Lekgotla welcomed the National Development Plan (NDP) prepared by the National Planning Commission (NPC) and endorsed the objectives and the (18) key targets of attaining these. 

The Lekgotla also acknowledged the NDP as a strategic framework to form the basis of future government detailed planning.

A Government-led process to secure stakeholder participation in mobilizing national ownership will be initiated.

The Lekgotla concluded that a Cabinet Committee will be set up to develop targets and integrated implementation plans with the Forum for South African Directors-General (FOSAD).  The NPC will assess implementation and refine the plan.

Presidential Review Committee on State Owned Enterprises (SoE’s)

Cabinet Lekgotla received the report from the Presidential Review Committee on SoE’s.  The report covered areas such as the role of SOEs in a developmental state, governance, ownership, oversight establishment and disestablishment, management, remuneration, effectiveness and efficiency, funding and viability. This report covered over 700 SOEs and public entities including the regulation framework.

Cabinet welcomed the report and resolved to discuss the recommendations put forward by the Review Committee.

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Phumla Williams (Acting Cabinet Spokesperson)
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