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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 7 November 2012

08 November 2012

8 November 2012

Cabinet held its ordinary meeting in Cape Town on 7 November 2012.


1. Current Affairs

1.1 Release of CENSUS 2011 Results
Cabinet welcomed the results of Census 2011 and commended Stats SA on the extraordinary achievement of releasing the results within 12 months.

While the results point to challenges, they also tell a convincing story of a country that has greatly developed and improved in the past 18 years.

Cabinet calls on all sectors to use the results to better inform planning and implementation within their specific areas.

1.2 International Agenda
Cabinet welcomed the State Visit to South Africa by the President of Namibia His Excellency Hifikepunye Pohamba who came on an invitation by the President of the Republic of South Africa.
The two Presidents acknowledged the deepening of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the fields of energy, mining, water supply, environment, tourism, agriculture, trade and investment, infrastructure development, education, transport, science and technology and defence and security. Cooperation in these areas is facilitated by the implementation of more than 64 sectoral agreements and memoranda of understanding which have been signed over the years between the two countries.
During this visit the following agreements were signed that enhance the bilateral relations that exist between the two countries.

  • Agreement establishing the Bi-National Commission,
  • Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation on issues related to Public Works and Infrastructure Development,
  • Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Meteorology

1.3 Congratulatory note

Cabinet congratulates Minister of Communications Dina Pule and her department for securing two seats at the recent 25th Universal Postal Congress which was held in Doha, Qatar.
The appointments underscore the confidence that the international community has in South Africa and its people. And they also illustrate South Africa's commitment to working with other African countries to advance the continent. As a result of these appointments, South Africa will be the first time member of the Council of Administration and was re-elected as a member of the Postal Operations Council.
Cabinet congratulates all the winners of the SA Sports Awards, and commends them for their accomplishments in flying the South African flag high both in South Africa and internationally.
Cabinet also commends all the winners of the Annual Public Sector     Innovation Awards hosted by the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI).
1.4 New Banknotes

Cabinet welcomed the new series of banknotes released by the South African Reserve Bank.  They present our currency as a unique symbol of our nationhood and honor our struggle icon and first democratically elected President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.
Cabinet encourages all South Africans to familiarise themselves with the security features of the new notes in order to be able to identify their authenticity.
1.5 International Congratulatory note
Cabinet congratulates, President Barack Obama and wishes him success in his second term as the President of the United States of America.           

2. Cabinet decisions

2.1 Policy Review and strengthening of the National Industry Participation Programme

Cabinet approved the recommendations to strengthen and align public procurement to the national industrial programme.

The recommendations will streamline the public procurement that is currently done within national treasury regulations and the provisions of broad-based black empowerment and the National Industry Participation Programme (NIPP).

The streamlined procurement will enable better monitoring of the overall implementation of both the National Industrial Framework and New Growth Path programmes.
2.2 Performance of the tourism sector for the period January to June 2012

Cabinet welcomed the report on tourism performance for the period January to June 2012. South Africa recorded a 10, 5% increase of tourist arrivals when compared with the same period last year. Tourist arrivals were in the main from the key emerging markets such as China, Brazil and India.

Cabinet commended the work done by the Department of Tourism with its relevant partners in achieving these results.
2.3 Policy on the Establishment of the Office of the Valuer-General

Cabinet approved the policy on the Establishment of the Office of the Valuer-General.
The office will be an independent statutory body responsible in the main for valuing land nationwide and to keep collated hub of property values. It will facilitate the effective collection of better land market information and more effective regulation of the property valuation industry.
2.4  Conclusion of the extradition and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters treaties with the United Mexican States

Cabinet approved entering into a treaty with United Mexican State on the Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.
The treaty is to provide for more effective cooperation between South Africa and Mexico in the fight against crime and to provide for the extradition of fugitives between the two countries.
2.5 Ratification of extradition and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters treaties with Republic of Korea

Cabinet   approved the submission of the treaty with the Republic of Korea on the Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters to Parliament for ratification.
The treaty aims to improve effectiveness of the law enforcement authorities of both countries in the investigation, prosecution and prevention of crime through cooperation and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.
2.6 Payment of suppliers within 30 days

Cabinet received the progress report on payment of service providers within 30 days. A system has been set up at National Treasury to track compliance by national and provincial departments. We are satisfied with the responses received from departments on utilizing the system. We are still testing the system and we will in due come give much accurate reporting on the payment of suppliers.
Cabinet approved that all the Accounting Officer and their Chief Financial Officers should have this as a deliverable in their performance agreements from the 2013/14.
2.7 Third All Africa Congress on Environmental Health of the International Federation of Environmental Health Africa Group

Cabinet approved the co-hosting of the 3rd All Africa Congress of Environmental Health in November 2012 by Department of Health and the South African Institute of Environmental Health (SAIEH)
This is the first time an African Congress on Environmental Health will be held in South Africa.  The Congress will be hosted under the theme “Environmental health, a collaborative approach for Africa towards a sustainable future”.
The outcomes of this congress will enable South Africa to implement environmental health international best practices and share experiences, as well as endorse its position as a world leader in this area.
2.8 Commonwealth conference on “Education and Training of Youth Workers

Cabinet approved South Africa co-hosting of the Commonwealth Conference on Education and Training of Youth Workers in South Africa on the 13 to the 15 March 2013.
The conference is co-hosted with the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Youth Division. It will bring together more than 300 delegates from various parts of the Commonwealth. The conference seeks to develop a well-structured training programme for the Youth Workers which eventually will professionalize this sector of training
2.9 Agreement on the amendment of annexures IV and VI of Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement between South Africa and the European Community and its member states
Cabinet approved the submission of amendment of the annexure IV and VI of Trade Development and Cooperation Agreement between South Africa and the European Community and its member states.
The amendment relates to areas of agreement on the trade tariff quota on certain cheeses and on the definition of the gross weighting of canned fruit.  These amendments will be submitted to Parliament for ratification  
2.10 South Africa’s negotiating mandate for the 18th session of the Conference of Parties (COP18).

Cabinet was given a progress report on the COP17 agreements. South Africa is a participant in the Ad Hoc Working Group for Enhanced Action which seeks to create a legal agreement under the Convention that will be applicable to all Parties.  

Cabinet was further briefed on the proposed negotiating mandate to serve as the basis of South Africa engagement at the COP18/CMP 8 in Doha from 26 November to 7 December 2012. Cabinet approved the proposed mandate which will ensure the development agenda of the country is served during the discussions.
2.11 Status of international multilateral agreements, treaties and conventions and South Africa’s reporting obligations in terms of multilateral agreements

Cabinet noted an update report on the status of South Africa’s international obligations on the signed treaties under the multilateral agreements.
International treaties, conventions and agreements to which South Africa is a party, present a strategic platform for the advancement of the country’s national priorities and foreign policy objectives.  
It is therefore within this context that Cabinet is regularly presented with an update report on the status of compliance in the implementation of these treaties.
2.12 Revised White Paper on South African participation in international peace missions      
Cabinet approved the draft Revised White Paper guiding South African participation in the international peace missions.       
The White Paper provides the policy framework for South Africa’s participation in international peace mission.  South Africa’s participation in peace missions is underscored by the values enshrined in the Constitution, the country’s foreign policy objectives of promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts, the creation of an environment that is conducive for sustainable development and commitment to rule-based multilateralism in a world that is just and equitable.
2.13 South Africa’s position paper for the 24th Meeting of Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that deplete the Ozone Layer

Cabinet noted South Africa’s position for the 24th Meeting of Parties (MOP24) to Montreal Protocol on Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). South Africa’s position supports the amendment to the Montreal Protocol on condition that:

  • South Africa works towards a comprehensive amendment to deal with other non-ozone depleting substances;
  • South Africa retains its relations with Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) Countries on a sound footing; and
  • South Africa’s national interests are not compromised.

 The meeting will be held from 12 to 16 November 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland.
2.14 Preparation for the BRICS Summit

Cabinet was briefed on progress on the preparations for South Africa hosting the 5th BRICS Summit in March 2013. The envisaged key summit outcomes and deliverables are the launch of the new Development Bank, BRICS Leaders-Africa Dialogue Forum, and launch of the BRICS Business Council

2.15 Report from the inaugural meeting of the National Nuclear Energy Executive Coordination Committee

Cabinet was briefed on the first meeting of the National Nuclear Energy Executive Coordination Committee (the Committee chaired by the Deputy President to oversee any future nuclear procurement process as well as the build programme).
It endorsed the proposed   Phased Decision-Making Approach for implementation of the nuclear programme.  It also endorsed the designation of Eskom as the owner-operator as per the Nuclear Energy Policy of 2008.  Cabinet also approved the nuclear communication and stakeholder engagement strategy.
2.16 Gazetting of the draft National Energy Efficiency Strategy second review document for public comment, and action plan for energy efficiency

Cabinet approved the reviewed National Energy Efficiency Strategy (NEES) and approved the gazetting of the draft NEES Second Review document for public comments.
The review process analysed energy usage patterns of businesses in various sectors of the economy.  It further looked at the potential for adopting modern energy management practices and technologies, based on advice and views from international experts.  It further set the scene for future energy reduction targets and the use of energy from electricity, gas, oil and other fuels used in building for heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, etc.
2.17 South Africa’s hosting of the 5th Global Forum on Innovation Entrepreneurship.

Cabinet noted the Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2013 which will be hosted in East London from 27 to 30 May 2013.

3. Bills approved

3.1 Determination of remuneration of members of the Constitutional Institutions Bill, 2012

Cabinet approved the Determination of Remuneration of Members of Constitutional Institutions Bill, 2012 to be published in the Government Gazette for public comment. The Bill seek to create uniformity in respect of the determination of the remuneration, allowances and conditions of employment of members of the Chapter 9 institutions
Cabinet also approved that the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers be involved in the determination of the remuneration, allowances and related terms and conditions of employment of members of Constitutional Institutions Supporting Democracy (Chapter 9 Institutions) and that it be strengthened to deal with the increasing scope of work.
3.2 Judicial matters second amendment Bill, 2012

Cabinet approved the submission of the Judicial Matters Second    Amendment Bill, 2012 to Parliament.
The primary aim of the Bill is to  introduce some amendments to the following Acts , Magistrate’s  Court Act, 1944; Criminal Procedure Act , 1977; Attorneys Act,1979; Attorneys Act of 1979; Small Claims Courts Act, 1984; Judicial Service Commission Act , 1994, Criminal Law Amendment Act , 1997; Children’s Act , 2005; Criminal Law ( Sexual Offences and Related matters); Child Justice Act 2008; Reform of Customary Law of succession and Regulations of Related Matters Act 2009 and Limpopo High Court and Mpumalanga High Court.
3.3 Legal Metrology Bill, 2012

Cabinet approved the publication of the Legal Metrology Bill for public comment.

The Bill seeks to promote fair trade and to protect public health and safety and the environment.  It applies to measurable products and services, measurements in trade, health, safety and the environment and measuring instruments used for a prescribed purpose.
3.4 The National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Bill, 2012

Cabinet approved National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Amendment Bill, 2012 for submission to Parliament.
The Bill seeks in the main to clarify protection of the sea and the sea-bed without limiting the functions of other organs of the state in performing their duties and supporting sustainable management of coastal environment;
3.5 The Banks Amendment Bill, 2012

Cabinet approved the Banks Amendment Bill, 2012 for submission to Parliament.
This Bill amends certain definitions, brings certain provisions in line with their practical applications, updates references to legislation and institutions, extends the use of the name bank to representative offices, provide that a contravention of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001, is a cause for suspension or cancellation of registration as a bank, aligns the Banks Act of 1990 with the Companies Act of 2008, and ensures compliance with the requirements of the Base Committee of Banking Supervisor.

4. Appointments

4.1 Ms Jennifer N Schreiner was appointed Director-General in the Department of Economic Development

Cabinet congratulates Ms Schreiner and wishes her well in her new responsibilities.
Phumla Williams (Acting Cabinet Spokesperson)
Contact: 083 501 0139
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