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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 9 June 2005

09 June 2005

9 June 2005

At its ordinary meeting yesterday, 8 June 2005, Cabinet was briefed on progress in Project Consolidate and on the service-delivery demonstrations that have taken place in some municipalities over a range of issues. Project Consolidate was initiated by a decision of Cabinet in February 2004 and launched in October as a programme of hands-on support for municipalities in need of assistance. The meeting noted that all the municipalities affected by protests are amongst the 136 identified for attention by Project Consolidate in order to address weaknesses in capacity and implementation.

The meeting agreed that Project Consolidate was the best instrument for addressing the issues giving rise to the protests and that the solutions require the cooperation of all spheres of government. Cabinet confirmed that there had been no directive that the National Intelligence Agency should investigate whether there was any organised "force" behind the protests.

Following a more detailed Inter ministerial discussion on the report on implementation of Project Consolidate and a consultation early next week with Premiers, MECs and Mayors, there will be more detailed communication on the matter.

Cabinet was briefed on progress in investigating cases of missing persons reported to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), locating their remains where possible and returning them to their families. The meeting approved a plan to hand over the remains of the first five persons to their families at a ceremony on 16 June.

The meeting approved a Manual on Official and State Funerals. The manual codifies procedures that have emerged since 1994, in order to provide a framework to ensure that those who have served with distinction in public office are mourned by the nation in accordance with the ethos of our democratic society.

The meeting affirmed the positions of government on the outcome of the trial of Mr. Shabir Shaik, as contained in the statements issued on 2 and 6 June.

The meeting noted the positive message that emerged from the African Economic Summit of the World Economic Forum held in Cape Town from 1 - 3 June, in the form of strong support from African business for NEPAD. Such support should help ensure that practical results emerge from the G8 Summit in Gleneagles in July, when the industrialised world's leaders will be discussing how best to implement the G-8 African Action Plan in support of NEPAD.

The meeting approved three bills for submission to Parliament:

  • The Companies Amendment Bill;
  • The Constitutional Matters Amendment Bill; and
  • The Repeal of the Black Administration Act of 1927 Amendment Bill.

The following appointments were approved:

  • The term of office of the Director-General of the Department of Science & Technology, Dr. Rob Adam, was extended for three years;
  • Ms. Philisiwe Buthelezi as Chief Executive Officer of the National Empowerment Fund (NEF)
  • One Deputy Director-General each in the Departments of Labour and of Provincial and Local Government;
  • An extension of two months of the term of office of five non-executive member of the board of the State Information Technology Agency (SITA);
  • Members of the National Water Advisory Council (NWAC), with Mr. J N Bhagwan as Chairperson; and
  • Members of the Water Research Commission (WRC), with Dr. S J Khoza as Chairperson.

Cabinet was briefed on strategic interventions by the Minister of Transport in the management and corporate governance of the Road Accident Fund (RAF), whose performance has been a concern for some time. The report of the Auditor-General released earlier this year indicated inter alia failure to comply with legislation and regulations, weak internal controls and poor financial management. Continued deterioration could threaten the Fund's ability to compensate victims of road accidents.

Cabinet noted the Minister's acceptance, as part of a rescue plan, of a recommendation by the Board to dismiss the CEO, and his appointment of an acting CEO, Mr Jacob Modise.

Cabinet approved the removal of the Fund's Board members and the appointment of the following as new members to the Board of Directors for the remainder of the term of the current Board: Dr. Danisa Baloyi (Chairperson): Mr. Veli Mahlangu (Deputy Chairperson); Dr. Aslam Dasoo; Mr. Todani Moyo; Mr. Caspar Greeff; Ms. Kealeboga Moloto-Stofile; Ms. Hlokammoni Motau; Mr. Sifiso Msibi; Prof. Crystal Hoole; and Mrs Khibi Mabuse-Manana (ex official representing the Department of Transport).

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