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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 4 April 2001

04 April 2001

4 April 2001

Cabinet today received and deliberated on the Interim Report of the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel. The meeting expressed its gratitude to the eminent scientists who gave of their time to make a contribution in the search for answers to the many questions around the AIDS pandemic.

Cabinet accepted the recommendations of the Panel and noted that matters such as campaigns around awareness, impacting on life-styles and research into the efficacy of antiretroviral drugs in preventing mother-to-child transmission are already being addressed by government. Recommendations on further research and other actions will be taken up by the Task Team of Ministers responsible for this matter and relevant officials and institutions for follow up.

The meeting asserted that the current body of knowledge on the HIV/AIDS issue confirms the relevance of the Strategic Plan of government, which is premised on causality between HIV and AIDS.

Cabinet considered a number of matters from the Governance and Administration Cluster, including the implementation plan for the 2001 programme, e-government for better service delivery and review of the creation and management of public entities. (Statements on these issues are available from the relevant departments and on the government website.)

The meeting noted the new Recommended Policy for the Performing Arts in SA and the Business Plan for the re-opening of the State Theatre. Details on this issue will be addressed by the Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology at a function in Pretoria today (4 April 2001).

Cabinet received joint recommendations emanating from a meeting between the community of Orania and the Minister for Provincial and Local Government on the question of this area's municipal status. A Committee made up of representatives of the Department, the Municipal Demarcation Board, MEC for Local Government in the Northern Cape, Oranje-Karoo Municipality, the community of Orania and Bo-Karoo District Municipality will be appointed by the Minister to investigate the feasibility or otherwise of reviewing the municipal status of Orania. It is expected to make recommendations before the end of July 2001.

The following Bills were approved for submission to Parliament:

  • National Parks Amendment Bill to provide for the management of sponsorships to the SA National Parks; and
  • National Health Bill, which provides for a national health framework that will be employed in the regulation of the system at three spheres of government.

The following appointments were approved:

  • Extension of the term of office of the Boards of Directors for the Central Energy Fund, Soekor and Mossgas for a period of 6 months;
  • Members of the Construction Industry Development Board;
  • Board of the SA Medical Research Council; and
  • Deputy DGs in the Departments of Provincial and Local Government, Social Development.

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