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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 31 May 2000

31 May 2000

31 May 2000

Cabinet today was briefed on the progress being made to intensify efforts aimed at the reconstruction of areas affected by the recent floods. Intensive integrated work in most of the areas is starting, and arrangements have been finalised to forward the first tranche of about R300-million for this purpose. Consideration will also be given to the allocation of some of the Poverty Relief Funds for the reconstruction programme.

Cabinet approved the Plans of Action of the Clusters of Directors-General on the Economic, Employment and Social Sectors. This is part of the process of building integrated government both at the level of the executive and the public service, in order to ensure more effective implementation of especially the integrated programmes announced by the President after the 1999 elections.

The following Bills were approved for submission to Parliament:

  • Bills of Exchange Amendment Bill, which brings the regulation of alternatives to cash payments in line with advances in technology;
  • Local Government: Cross-Boundary Municipalities Bill, which provides a legal framework for Provincial Governments to set up such municipalities and mechanisms to resolve problems that may arise.

The meeting also approved the establishment of a Transitional Fund to assist with the restructuring of local government.

Cabinet approved proposals on the utilisation of the Special HIV/AIDS Allocation for the current MTEF period, on the basis of revised strategies and business plans. Expenditure of these funds will be continually evaluated to ensure their effective employment in the campaign against this pandemic.

Cabinet noted progress in preparations for the Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly to review progress on the Beijing Platform of Action on the emancipation of women. South Africa’s First Country Report is being finalised on the basis of amendments discussed in Cabinet.

The meeting noted the remarkable progress that has been made in our country, both within the context of representation in various social structures and RDP programmes such as health, water provision, education and land ownership rights. However, much, much more needs to be done within society in general and the family in particular before we can conclude that gender discrimination is a thing of the past.

Cabinet was briefed on progress in the implementation of the Freedom Park Legacy Project. It approved Salvokop as the site of the Freedom Park, which will include a garden of remembrance and a monument to heroes of the struggle against apartheid. Joe Modise (former Minister of Defence) was appointed as the Chairperson of the Trust. [The list of members of the Trust is attached.]

The following other appointments were approved:

  • Mr DJ Hendricks, Deputy Director-General and Head of Organisational Component in the Department of Sport;
  • Deputy DG each in the Departments of Labour and Health.

Joel Netshitenzhe
Cell: 082 900 0083

Issued by: Government Communications (GCIS)

Trustees of the Freedom Park Trust

Nelson Mandela - Patron

  1. Mr Joe Modise - Chairperson
  2. Mr Rob Adam
  3. Ms Lindsay Bremmer
  4. Ms Luli Callinicos
  5. Rev Mvume Dandala
  6. Dr Oscar Dhlomo
  7. Prof Willie Esterhuyse
  8. Mr Greville Fox
  9. Ms Faith Gaza
  10. Prof GJ Gerwel
  11. Ms Frene Ginwala
  12. Mr Roger Jardine
  13. Mr Ahmed Kathrada
  14. Ms Barbara Masekela
  15. Mr John Matshikiza
  16. Mr Govan Mbeki
  17. Mr Itumeleng Mosala
  18. Mr Dikgang Moseneke
  19. Ms Joyce Sebidi
  20. Mr Wally Serote
  21. Ms Getrude Shope


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