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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 3 September 2008

04 September 2008

4 September 2008

Cabinet held its ordinary meeting in Pretoria yesterday, 3 September 2008.

Cabinet approved the new Automotive Production and Development Programme (APDP) which will replace the Motor Industry Development Programme (MIDP). The Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Mandisi Mpahlwa, will join me at the end of this briefing to present the details of the new programme.

Cabinet noted that the deadline for the closure of temporary shelters for the victims of violence against foreign nationals was fast approaching. Government once again calls on communities, community organisations, religious formations and civil society in general, to continue to work with the displacees to ensure their re-integration into communities.

The broad thrust of the document entitled ‘Towards a fifteen-year review’ was approved. The fifteen-year review and information on the draft South Africa Scenarios 2025, will be published within a month. Members of the public and civil society will be encouraged to participate in public meetings and workshops to discuss these documents. These discussions will be about the progress the country has made towards improving the lives of all South Africans over the past fifteen years, identification of challenges that still lie ahead and will consider policy options for the future. All members of the public, irrespective of race, gender, colour or creed, will be invited to be part of what will be constructive discussions about the country and its future.

Cabinet received and noted the progress regarding the implementation of Joint Initiative Skills Acquisition (JIPSA). Jipsa has been successful, not in eliminating the skills shortage, but in promoting several strong interventions to ensure that the shortage is less severe than it would have been. Jipsa has prioritised the skills-development process, has mobilised and aligned the efforts of major public and private sector roleplayers behind mutually-agreed priorities, and has unblocked various obstacles to speeding-up [of] skills acquisition. The Government has full confidence that the Jipsa mandate has been and will continue to be delivered by all the key stakeholders and the Jipsa structures such as the Joint Task Team, the Technical Working Group and the Secretariat.

JIPSA will continue until March 2010; thereafter, its work will be incorporated into the recently-approved Human Resources Development Strategy for South Africa (HRD-SA), which will be launched in March 2009. However, the Jipsa secretariat will operate parallel to HRDS-SA for about a year, and will wind down its activities when its stakeholders are satisfied that the HRDS-SA has the capacity to carry out all the relevant activities that Jipsa was responsible for.

Cabinet wishes Team South Africa well as they prepare to participate in the forthcoming Beijing Paralympics Games which will take place from 6 - 17 September 2008. Team South Africa will comprise of 60 sportsmen and women. We call on all South Africans to support Team South Africa throughout the Games.

The meeting resolved that the Minister of Sports and Recreation should submit a report to Cabinet on the performance of Team South Africa at the recent Beijing Olympics Games. This report will be submitted as soon as a proper analysis has been conducted by the department and the relevant sports authorities.

The deployment of an additional seventy-five members of the South African Police Services (SAPS) in Darfur, Sudan, was approved. These SAPS members will be part of the United Nations - Africa Union hybrid peace-keeping force.

Cabinet noted that the state visit by President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was a success and that the visit served to strengthen the economic and political ties between the two countries. Tangible outcomes of the visit include:

  • a Framework Agreement;
  • the Energy Co-operation Agreement; and
  • the Memorandum of Agreement between PetroSA and the Venezuelan government.

The visit also served to strengthen South Africa’s ties with the Latin American region. South Africa is looking forward to participating in the Africa - South America Summit which will be hosted by Venezuela in November 2008.

President Thabo Mbeki will be holding a Presidential Imbizo in the Eastern Cape in September 2008. The President’s interaction with the public will be followed by the Imbizo week which will take place from 20 - 26 October 2008, under the theme ‘Ke nako: make a difference’. The Imbizo week will profile the 2010 legacy and infrastructure projects.

The World Customs Organisation’s Strategic Policy document entitled ‘Customs in the 21st Century: Enhancing Growth and Development through Trade Facilitation and Border Security’ was adopted. The Ministers of Public Enterprises and Transport will work with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to oversee the implementation of the policy.

The SARS was also authorised to enter into discussions with the United States to explore South Africa’s participation in the Mega-Ports Initiative (MPI). The MPI is a United States government initiative which aims to create a bilateral co-operation network to prevent the illicit movement of nuclear materials and other radioactive isotopes that might be used for weapons of mass destruction. In this regard, an Interdepartmental Task Team will be set up to consider the implications of South Africa’s possible participation in the initiative. The Task Team will consist of the departments of Trade and Industry, Foreign Affairs, National Intelligence Agency, Transport, Public Enterprises, and Science and Technology.

Cabinet wishes the Muslim community well during the month of Ramadan. We look forward to celebrating a well-deserved and happy Eid with our Muslim community at the end of the month.

The Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry distributed trees to all members of Cabinet to mark the beginning of Arbor Week and she made a call for all South Africans to plant a tree and contribute towards the greening [of] the country. Cabinet endorsed the call for the planting of trees by all South Africans.

The following appointments were approved:

  • The following were appointed to the Boards and Councils of the under-mentioned six Playhouses:
    • The State Theatre – Pretoria: Mr W Mosetlhi (Chairperson), Mr T Baloyi, Ms B D’Arrigo, Ms N Dyani, Ms P Klotz, Ms M Mogomotsi, Mr ZT Morabe, Mr KF Netshiombo and Mr TA Simelane.
    • The Market Theatre – Johannesburg: Ms S Mokone-Matabane (Chairperson), Ms N Cloete, Mr K Gumbi, Ms M Letoaba, Ms K Moroka, Ms N Ntanjana and Mr B Spector.
    • Performing Arts Centre of Free State (PACOFS) – Bloemfontein: Ms T Kgosidintsi (Chairperson), Ms S Brink, Mr N Luwes, Ms T Nogabe, Ms J Sapieka, Ms E Van Wyk and Mr MJ Vinger.
    • ArtsCape – Cape Town: Ms N Mthethwa (Chairperson), Mr NE Basson, Ms H Dudley, Mr B Figaji, Mr B Khan, Ms RB Swales, Ms L Mazwi-Tanga, Ms S Ngaba and Mr T Tshukudu.
    • Windybrow Centre for Arts – Johannesburg: Ms AM Makwetla (Chairperson), Mr M Dada, Ms M Letoaba, Mr M Molepo, Mr KB Motshabi, Mr B Snow and Ms E Loubser.
    • The Playhouse Company – Durban: Ms M Lesoma (Chairperson), Ms M Khoza, Mr R Mahmoud, Mr T Ngcobo, Mr J Shabalala, Ms T Shezi, Ms J Thabethe, Ms L Theron and Mr P Mnisi.
  • Mr E Godongwana, Mr G Cruywagen, Ms NH Maliza and Ms D Vallabh were appointed as Non-Executive Directors to the Board of Denel, for a three-year period.
  • The following members were appointed to the Small Enterprise Development Agency’s (SEDA) Board:
    • Mr L Mngomezulu (Chairperson), till June 2009; and
    • the following Board members for a three-year period: Ms D Mokhobo (Deputy Chairperson), Ms P Lugayeni, Ms B Calvin, Ms F Mayimele-Hashatse, Mr D Thabaneng, Ms S Zinn and Ms N Galeni.

Themba Maseko (Government Spokesperson)
Cell: 083 645 0810

Issued by: Government Communications (GCIS)


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