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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 28 June 2008

28 June 2000

28 June 2000

At its meeting today, Cabinet agreed in principle to terminate the practice of discretionary deductions from salaries of public servants. This is to bring the practice in the public service in line with the national norm, to eliminate the consequences of deductions in favour of multiple creditors and reduce the administrative burden on the state. This does not affect court orders and bona fide contractual obligations.

Cabinet welcomed the conduct of the elections in Zimbabwe and resolve to work with the government and people of that country as they address the many challenges that they face. In this regard, the President will appoint a Task Team of Ministers to work with their counterparts in pursuing economic recovery and stability in the region.

The meeting was briefed on preparations for the International AIDS Conference, and it reiterated its support for efforts aimed at combating the pandemic.

Cabinet also approved for submission to Parliament the following Bills:

  • Directorate of Special Operations Bill, which provides the legislative framework for the structures and operations of the Scorpions;
  • Finance Bill, which deals with procedures for authorisation of unauthorised expenditure and closure of specific accounts;
  • Construction Industry Development Bill, which sets out the framework for uniform best practice standards and seeks to encourage the sustainable growth of the construction industry;
  • Adult Basic Education and Training Bill, which provides for viable adult education centres;
  • Education Laws Amendment Bill, which provides for amendments to various Education Laws in line with policy;
  • Higher Education Amendments Bill, which seeks to simplify the procedures for appointments, and also deals with classification of institutions and loan agreements by these institutions;
  • National Health Laboratory Service Bill which provides for a single public entity for pathological services in the public sector' and
  • Amendments to the Airports Company of SA Act to regularises issues of levying airport charges.

Cabinet was briefed on the Report of the Review Committee on Curriculum 2005; and the meeting noted that the review focused on modalities of the implementation of outcome-based education, not its revision. This matter will be pursued further at a Joint meeting of Cabinet Committees before it is again placed before Cabinet.

The following appointments were approved:

  • New members of the Air Traffic Navigation services Board;
  • Professor DE Kaplan as Chief Economist, at the level of DDG in the Department of Trade and Industry;
  • Chairperson (Mr CS Makama), CEO (DR MM Dyasi) and other members of the envisaged Onderstepoort Biological Products Limited
  • Two DDG's in the Department of Education

The meeting also examined and approved procedures regarding the appointment and re-determination of the term of office of Heads of Departments.

Cabinet expressed its full support for the SA2006 Soccer World Cup Bid, and it congratulated SAFA and the Bid Committee for the excellent work that they have done thus far. Like the rest of South Africa, Cabinet is convinced that Africa and South Africa's time has come.

The meeting approved the setting up of an integrated, multi-departmental National Security Council, which will function as a co-ordination structure dealing with policy and strategic issues. Core members of the NSC will be from the following ministries/departments: Safety and Security, Defence, Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, Finance and Justice. Where necessary, ministries/departments of Trade and Industry, Welfare, Correctional Services and Provincial and Local Government will also participate. Reporting to Cabinet, and chaired by the President, the NSC will ensure speedier responses to, and monitoring of, such matters as disaster relief, developments in the sub-continent, and fulfilment of international obligations by our country.

Joel Netshitenzhe
082 900 0083

Issued by: Government Communications (GCIS)


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