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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 28 February 2001

28 February 2001

28 February 2001

Cabinet today approved the Final Report of the SADC Council of Ministers on the Review of the Operations of SADC Institutions. This report will be submitted to the Extra-ordinary Meeting of SADC Heads of State to be held in March.

The meeting also identified South Africa’s approach to the establishment of the African Union, in particular matters of structure and procedures. These positions will guide the delegation led by President Thabo Mbeki at the Extraordinary Summit starting tomorrow in Sirte, Libya.

Cabinet was briefed on preparations for the Third Session of the SA/Nigeria Bi-national Commission, which will be held in Abuja in mid-March.

The following Bills/statutes were approved for submission to parliament:

  • Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges Amendment Bill, which brings South Africa’s legislation on these matters in line with Conventions of the UN;
  • Statute of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, which unifies the rules of Private International Law and requires ratification by Parliament.

Cabinet approved the project plan and related logistical matters regarding preparations of the World Summit on Sustainable Development to be held in Johannesburg in 2002. This includes the finalisation of the Articles of Association for a Section 21 Company that will take charge of the preparatory process, under the guidance of Cabinet.

The meeting also endorsed a proposal for SA to host the Caretakers of the Environment International Youth Conference in July this year.

Cabinet approved the National Plan for Higher Education, details of which will be announced by the Minister of Education early next week.

The meeting also reviewed government’s work on HIV/AIDS, in respect of two issues:

  • Progress towards the finalisation of the report on Results of the 2000 HIV Sero-Prevalence Survey among pregnant antenatal clinic attendees: Details of the report will be presented to the public in the near future, once the work has been completed.
  • Progress in the awareness campaign within the Public Service: while welcoming the efforts that have been undertaken thus far, Cabinet called on all departments to intensify the campaign among staff as well as stakeholders in the wider community.

The following appointments were approved:

  • National Home Builders Registration Council, which will be chaired by CG Cudmore, deputised by MJ Ndlovu;
  • Dr Sebiletso Mokone-Matabane as Chief Executive Officer of SENTECH.

The meeting also approved a proposal for an improvement in the salaries and conditions of service of Special Advisors and Commissioners of the Public Service Commission in line with the new Senior Management Service, which was introduced in January.

Cabinet was briefed on important international Information and Communication Technology events, which will be hosted by SA from 1st to 7th March 2001. This includes the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the Digital Opportunity Task Force (DOT FORCE), which is made up, among others, of high-ranking officials from G8 governments, South Africa and Egypt, and representatives of the World Bank, UNDP and UNESCO.

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Issued by: Government Communications (GCIS)


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