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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 22 November 2000

22 November 2000

22 November 2000

Cabinet today hosted the Auditor-General and Deputy Auditor-General, as part of the annual consultations between the AG’s Office and the Cabinet. These consultations form part of the interaction between the AG’s Office and all their clients and other stakeholders.

The AG’s Office briefed Cabinet on the ongoing restructuring of their establishment to provide a better service to government. Both sides agreed on the role that both institutions play as part of the state’s service to the public. Cabinet expressed its appreciation for the work of the AG’s Office in assisting the process of improving efficiency within the public service. Regular consultations will continue, as before, through a Task Team of Ministers, to discuss any matters of common interest.

As part of the process of strengthening integrated decision-making and co-operative governance, Cabinet assigned two Ministers each to guide, and interact on an on-going basis with, the Clusters of Directors-General. This interaction is organised in line with the institution of Cabinet Committees.

The meeting examined a number of matters pertaining to the transformation of local government and the on-coming elections:

  • It approved a set of measures required to assist the new local government structures in the transformation they will undergo after the elections. To the extent that this may demand additional resources, the relevant Ministers will finalise the detailed allocations.
  • The meeting was briefed on the process leading up to the finalisation of amendments to legislation on the role and functions of traditional leaders, which will include processing by the relevant Parliamentary Committee towards the end of January next year. The Cabinet Task Team set up two weeks ago will continue with its work; and it will issue a formal and comprehensive public statement on behalf of government on the approach to this issue, in the next few days. Government wishes to reiterate that it proceeds from the premise of respect for the institution of traditional leaders and recognition of the critical role that it plays particularly among rural communities.
  • Cabinet decided that local government Election Day, 5 December 2000 should be declared a public holiday.

Cabinet was informed that, arising from consultations with Parliament, it had been agreed that the President’s Annual State of the Nation Address would be presented on 9 February 2001.

The meeting approved the publication of a Draft Position Paper on the Media Diversity and Development Agency for public comment. The Position Paper will be launched by GCIS on 29 November.

The following appointments were approved:

  • Statistician-General (Head of Statistics South Africa): Mr PJ Lehohla;
  • CEO of the National Home Builders Registration Council;
  • two DDG’s (Department of Water Affairs and SAMDI); and
  • an additional member of the Board of the SA Maritime Safety Authority.

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Issued by: Government Communications (GCIS)


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