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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 20 September 2000

20 September 2000

20 September 2000

Cabinet today received a briefing on the measures adopted by the country’s health authorities to deal with the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the district of Camperdown in KwaZulu/Natal.

The meeting congratulated the Department of Health and all officials involved for the speed, professionalism and comprehensive nature of the response. It expressed confidence that the problem was under control, and that there was no reason to fear that this would significantly affect the country’s agricultural production and trade.

Cabinet considered a comprehensive review of the Government Procurement System, including such issues as empowerment of the disadvantaged, capacity-building and training. This would also require a review of the system of National and Provincial Tender Boards. The details on these issues will be finalised by the Ministry of Finance, and relevant public announcements will then be made.

The meeting delegated the Department of Trade and Industry to define a strategy for South Africa’s approach to informal alliances among countries of the South. This is to take forward the initiative to draw together developing countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, India and Brazil around the development of a common agenda and shared objectives in pursuit of just and equitable international relations.

The meeting was notified of the report on the Ministerial Commission of Enquiry into the Department of Defence (SANDF) following the shooting incident at the 1 South African Infantry Battalion (Tempe). This matter will be comprehensively discussed at a future Cabinet meeting.

On reviewing the programme of reconstruction in flood-damaged areas, Cabinet noted that the payment of all of the first tranche of R300m had been disbursed and either spent or committed. The Presidential project to implement repairs in the Kruger National Park had been completed, and the National Road Agency is further undertaking repairs of roads in the 40 km radius around the Park.

Cabinet supported South Africa’s continued participation in the elaboration of the Draft UN Convention against organised crime, and other legal instruments dealing with such issues as illicit manufacturing and trafficking in firearms as well as punishment of trafficking in persons.

The following statutes were approved for submission to Parliament:

  • Pension Funds Amendment Bill, dealing with guarantees for housing loans;
  • SA accession to the 1st and 2nd Optional Protocols to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The meeting also approved the Implementation Plan for the Public Finance Management Act, which came into effect on 1 April 2000.

Cabinet approved the implementation of interim measures to assist charities experiencing financial difficulty due to the closure of fundraising institutions. This includes the allocation of a percentage of the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund to miscellaneous purposes and the appointment of the Lotteries Board as the distribution agency to disburse these funds.

Cabinet approved the following appointments:

  • Extension of the term of office of the Council of Robben Island Museum until 31 December 2000;
  • Chairperson (Mr M Ramano) and 2 other members of the Airports Company of SA;
  • Standing Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property Rights chaired by Mr JIG Farlam;
  • Four members of the SA Diamond Board, including Mr A Chikane as Chairperson.

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