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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 2 May 2001

02 May 2001

2 May 2001

Cabinet today received a report on progress regarding implementation of the Human Resource Development Strategy. It was agreed that various Departments would nominate co-ordinators for various areas which would receive priority attention. The HRDS Team, led by the Departments of Labour and Education, will report to Cabinet on these matters on a quarterly basis.

Cabinet received and noted a report on the restructuring of state assets in the defence, energy, forestry, IT, transport and other sectors.

The meeting also approved a strategic approach to the management of the National Framework Agreement (on the restructuring of public enterprises), to which government remains fully committed. The current form of the NFA is reflected in the Restructuring Policy Framework and the agreement reached between Government and Organised Labour on 19 July 2000. The meeting agreed on the need to ensure effective functioning of the NFA and on the role government should play to ensure that public enterprises comply with the letter and spirit of the NFA.

Cabinet noted progress in the promotion of tourism and unblocking constraints in this sector. It also called on all relevant departments to take active part in the promotion and development of tourism. The meeting noted progress in the implementation of eco-tourism concession opportunities as well as the outsourcing of shops and restaurants in SA National Parks.

The following statutes were approved for public release or submission to Parliament:

  • International Trade Administration Bill (to be submitted to Parliament pending public comment and discussion at NEDLAC): the Bill proposes the establishment of a Commission for International Trade Administration, a Tribunal and an Appeal Court for International Trade – as such, separating implementation functions from administrative and regulatory functions;
  • White Paper on Early Childhood Development (ECD): Cabinet expressed its appreciation of the work done by all who have hitherto been involved in the area of ECD, and urged that they should continue with their valuable work;
  • Births and Deaths Registration Amendment Bill which brings various provisions of the current law in line with the Constitution;
  • Provincial Tax Regulation Bill which established procedures for the Minister of Finance to ensure consistency of provincial tax options with national economic policy and other constitutional requirements;
  • Amendments to the National Land Transport Transition Act to update current legislation in the light of recent experiences in the Provinces; and
  • National Health Laboratory Service Amendment Bill which deals with personnel matters pertaining to pension schemes.

The meeting accepted a recommendation from the Department of Trade and Industry for Cabinet to revoke its earlier decision granting the Department in principle permission to relocate outside the Pretoria inner city. Suitable sites within the inner city are being identified for the DTI’s "new campus project".

The following appointments were approved:

  • Board of Directors of the National Electricity Regulator, chaired by Mr Collin Matjila;
  • Ms LB Zondo as Chief Executive Officer of the National Nuclear Regulator.

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