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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 16 February 2000

16 February 2000

16 February 2000

Cabinet has in principle approved funding to the areas affected by the recent floods, in particular those that have been declared "Disaster Areas" in the Northern Province and Mpumalanga. This includes the Kruger National Park. Priority in this regard will be given to the rehabilitation of public infrastructure; and particular attention will be paid to ensuring durability of such infrastructure. Details will be finalised by the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Disaster Management.

Cabinet congratulated the SANDF and Emergency Services in the various areas, which have played a critical role in assisting those affected.

The following appointments in the public service were approved:

  • Dr CG Olver as Director-General at the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism;
  • Mr MJ Rasegatla as Head of the Secretariat for Safety and Security, at the level of Deputy Director-General - he is currently Provincial Secretary for Safety and Security in the Northwest Province.
  • Dr N Tsengwa as Deputy Director-General in the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

The meeting also approved the appointment of the Board of Directors of the National Energy Corporation (formerly Atomic Energy Corporation), which will be chaired by Mr WR Jardine, deputised by AC Bawa; and the Board of Directors of the National Nuclear Regulator (formerly Council for Nuclear Safety) which will be chaired by Dr MW Makgoba deputised by Ms NJ Mxakato-Diseko.

The meeting also approved the appointment of three candidates to the Board of Directors of the South African Post Office Limited; as well as Mr M Simelane to the post of Commissioner of the Competition Commission.

Cabinet considered the latest proposals from the European Union regarding elements of the trade agreement. An in-principle agreement has been reached on a formulation which subjects the issue of denominations with regard to certain spirits to conformity with WTO/TRPS rules.

The meeting was informed of the fact that the Chief Justice was not well; and it expressed government's sympathy with his family and its wish for his speedy recovery. Deputy Chief Justice Hendrik van Heerden has been appointed as Acting Chief Justice.

Cabinet approved for submission to Parliament:

  • further amendments to the Bill on the merger between the IBA and SATRA, in particular, that the regulators will be appointed by a panel selected by the Portfolio Committee on Communications;
  • The Identification Amendment Bill which, inter alia, states that the only acceptable form of identification would be the green bar-coded ID.

It also approved South Africa's accession to the United Nations Industrial and Development Organisation (UNIDO).

The meeting was briefed on the discussions held last week between delegations led by President Thabo Mbeki and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Cabinet reiterated the principle of South Africa's willingness to assist Zimbabwe in its difficult times. However, it was stressed that no detailed agreement on the various issues had been reached. Rather, South African Ministers and Heads of various public entities are pursuing these matters with their Zimbabwean counterparts. There has been no agreement on a loan to Zimbabwe; neither has the government of Zimbabwe asked for such a loan from the South African government.

The Zimbabwean government has expressed its gratitude to South Africa, that our government took the initiative to visit that country, as part of the process of further strengthen our all-round relations.

Cabinet approved that South Africa should how scheduled for 2003. South Africa will serve as Chairperson of the Council from the year 2000.

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