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Statement on Cabinet meeting of 11 October 2000

11 October 2000

11 October 2000

At its meeting today, Cabinet reviewed the new Cabinet system which was introduced some 9 months ago to ensure integrated planning and implementation of government programmes. The meeting concluded that the system had started to introduce welcome co-operation among structures of government. However, improvements still need to be made regarding processes such as integration in the conceptualisation of policy issues, and ensuring that personnel at all levels of government appreciate this new approach.

Cabinet will continue monitoring and improving the system, to ensure that it becomes the norm within government as a whole. This will include the introduction of a Planning Cycle for Government, which will entail, among other things, the adoption of a Medium-term Strategic Framework (MTSF) to form a clear strategic basis for the Medium-term Expenditure Framework (MTEF). Measures were also agreed upon to ensure further integration of communications at all levels of government.

The meeting considered progress towards the implementation of an Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Strategy (ISRDS). Pilot Areas are being identified with business plans for immediate implementation while a nation-wide action plan is being finalised. Emphasis in these programmes will be laid on access to basic services such as water, energy, functional road systems, clinics, hospitals and schools as well as viable business and sustainable agricultural activities.

While the ISRDS will be driven by relevant departments, working together, Cabinet resolved that it was also necessary to establish a co-ordination capacity within the Presidency.

Cabinet received a report on proposals to restructure various arms of Denel Corporation. Recommendations on steps towards such restructuring were accepted. [Minister Jeff Radebe will conduct a detailed briefing on these matters on Thursday 12 October].

The following Bills were approved for submission to Parliament:

  • Marine Living Resources Amendment Bill, which gives effect to a new policy on allocation of fishing rights;
  • The Repeal of the "Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal" (WAT) Act Bill, in line with the request of WAT to be converted into a Section 21 company;
  • Re-determination of the Boundaries of Cross-boundary Municipalities Bill, affecting a number of such municipalities in 6 provinces.

The following appointments were approved:

  • Mr D Elbrecht to the Board of the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) as a representative of organised labour;
  • Various individuals into the Lottery Distributing Agencies for Charities, Sport and Recreation, as well as Arts, Culture and Environment;
  • Deputy Directors-General in the departments of Housing and Land Affairs.

Cabinet also noted the introduction of mechanisms to disburse sums from the National Lottery Distribution Fund to Good Causes in accordance with the Lotteries Act.

The meeting noted the steps taken by national and provincial government structures to contain and eliminate the cholera epidemic in the areas of Empangeni/Ngwelezane and Eshowe in KwaZulu/Natal. In addition to the involvement of Departments of Provincial and Local Government, Defence and Safety and Security, Cabinet approved further investigations by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry into short- and longer-term measures for the supply of safe water to the affected areas.

Cabinet noted a report on the release of prisoners who had committed petty crimes and could not afford bail of up to R1 000. It concurred that such releases are meant to exclude those who have committed violent crimes such as murder and rape. It also instructed that the process should be thoroughly supervised and inspected by the relevant national authorities.

Cabinet received and welcomed the fortnightly progress report on the implementation of programmes to reconstruct areas that were affected by the floods.

Joel Netshitenzhe
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Issued by: Government Communications (GCIS)


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