Internal Communication

Subdirectorate: Internal Communication

Deputy Director: Phillimon Tebogo Kgomo
Tel: 012 473 2255

Much emphasis is placed on ensuring dynamic communication within the Department of Communications (DoC). The Internal Communication unit is responsible for the establishment, coordination and maintenance of communication platforms and mediums aimed at improving the flow of information within the (DoC). The section is responsible for establishing a communication-orientated culture within the department.

Activities include:

  • disseminating messages through electronic and digital platforms such as the internal television broadcast, short-messaging service, mass-mailing system, etc.
  • disseminating messages through print mediums such as the in-house newsletter, weekly news bulletins and noticeboards.
  • maintaning and updating the DoC's intranet
  • facilitating interactive communication platforms aimed at instilling a culture of open communication and information sharing through direct communication 
  • ensuring the DoC's compliance with the Promotion of Access to Information Act of 2000
  • facilitating processes and mediums seeking at providing report back to staff

Electronics and digital mediums
Ms Nokuthula Zulu
Tel: 012 473 0208

Print mediums
Ms Brenda Nkuna
Tel: 012 473 0038