Internal Audit

Chief Director
Dalson Modiba 
Tel: 012 473 0054

Internal Audit is an independent and objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the Government Communication and Information System's operations.

The overarching mandate of Internal Audit is to provide support to the Audit and Risk Committee as an oversight structure in helping the GCIS's Executive Management manages the organisation's reputation. Internal Audit achieves this by evaluating and making recommendations that materially contribute to the improvement in the system of governance, risk management and control to provide reasonable assurance that GCIS's strategic goals and objectives and a clean external audit report will be achieved.

Types of internal audit services include among others:

  • compliance audits
  • financial audits
  • information and communications technologies audits
  • audits of pre-determined objectives (performance information)
  • operational performance.

Internal Audit reports administratively to the Director-General and functionally to the Audit and Risk Committee.