30 Years of Freedom toolkit

The aim of the 30 YEARS OF FREEDOM Logo is to have a symbol that will unify us as a country as we celebrate this significant milestone in the history of our country.


  • Mobilising collective ownership of our 30 years of democracy by all South Africans and sectors of society. This will involve encouraging sectors to develop and implement their own celebration plans that will link to the broader national celebration. Critical to collective ownership, is ensuring direct participation and ownership by all South Africans.
  • Engendering social cohesion and a national identity that is represented of our rich and diverse culture.
  • Creating a build-up of public awareness and excitement, towards Freedom Day and sustaining it thereafter throughout 2024. This includes promoting a national mood that encourages popular participation in the various initiatives, including the build-up to the national elections.
  • Promoting coherence through encouraging participation by all sectors in a way that lends sustainable momentum and promoting widespread use of the logo and message.
  • Promoting awareness of the progress that freedom has brought and a sense of the challenges of the fourth decade.

Logos [.pdf]

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30 Years of Freedom-Corporate Identity Guidelines [PDF]


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