Provincial and Local Liaison

Chief Director: Michael Currin
Tel: 012 473 0183

The purpose of the chief directorate  is to  provide strategic leadership to the interface of national government communication with provincial communication programmes

Funding in this programme fosters working relations with provincial and local government, in particular the communication components of the Premier's Office, to ensure government ‘s message is disseminated to the public in a seamless manner. The subprogramme is also responsible for the oversight of the Thusong Service Centre Programme, and the government wide coordination of the Public Participation Programme (Izimbizo). The chief directorate manages the nine provincial offices and two directorates at the national office, Programme Support, which is responsible for activities and programmes, and Provincial Coordination, which is responsible for administrative, operational and operations support to this highly decentralised unit.

Through the programmes run at provincial and local level, this unit provides development communication and information to South African citizens, to ensure that they have public information which can assist them in becoming active citizens.

Through a more active involvement in public programmes and through access to government information and campaigns, people will be equipped and empowered to use this information for their own development, thus promoting a better life for all South Africans.

This is done through the following key programmes:

  • developing, implementing and managing a two-way communication and information system between government and the people
  • implementing and managing a strategy for the promotion of development communication and local information content
  • coordinating government’s Thusong Service Centre programme
  • coordinating a local level information-management system, advising the GCIS and government on issues affecting the communication environment at provincial and local level
  • developing and implementing regional and local communication strategies in accordance with the National Communication Strategy and the Government Communication Programme (GCP)
  • developing partnerships with local government aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the system of government communicators
  • providing strategic leadership to the Chief Directorate.

Provincial and Local Liaison comprises the following programmes:


Directorate: Provincial Coordination

Director: Geraldine Thopps
Tel: 012 473 0096

The directorate coordinates provincial programmes and local information from the provinces, and provides administrative support.

The functions of Provincial Coordination are:

  • supporting the efficient and effective co-ordination of the operations of the Chief Directorate: Provincial and Local Liaison
  • managing partnerships for the Thusong Service Programme
  • coordinating communication and marketing for the Thusong Service Centres
  • facilitating and coordinating the development of chief directorate annual performance and operational plans with a particular focus on performance management and the collation of performance information
  • compiling monthly and quarterly performance reports for the chief directorate for submission to Manco as part of the overall monitoring and evaluation process of the chief directorate’s work
  • ensuring  alignment to the planning, budgeting  and reporting cycles of government for the chief directorate.

Directorate: Programme Support

Director: Moepeng Tshwane
Tel: 012 473 0188

The functions of Programme Support are:

  • coordinating and managing the involvement of the GCIS provincial directorates in the implementation of the Government Communication Programme
  • supporting both the Deputy Director-General: Intergovernmental Coordination and Stakeholder Engagement and the Chief Director: Provincial and Local Liaison in their programme management responsibilities for Outcome 9 around Local Government and Outcome 12(a) and 12(b) which is focused on social cohesion and national building and an effective Public Service
  • project leadership of the Imbizo Programme of Government
  • managing the partnership with CoGTA and SALGA on the roll out of a system of communication in local government, including management of relevant coordination forums
  • managing relationships with key stakeholders and partners relevant to the work of the Chief Directorate: Provincial and Local Liaison
  • co-ordinating and managing the provincial distribution strategy.

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Directorate: Provincial Liaison

There are Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) in each of the nine provinces and roughly 80 localities countrywide. The majority of the GCIS local offices are located in Thusong Service Centres. Provincial Liaison (nine provincial directorates) is responsible for cascading the National Communication Strategy to provincial and local stakeholders and partners and for the implementation of development communication campaigns and programmes aligned to the Government Communication Programme. The offices work closely with provincial governments, in particular the Premier's Offices, to ensure the message of government is disseminated to the public in a seamless manner.

The functions of the provincial offices are:

  • promoting an effective government communication system at provincial and local level by developing better alliances in the communication environment
  • developing a clear understanding of the public’s information needs and government’s communication needs
  • developing and implementing communication campaigns in response to the needs identified
  • managing the corporate and operational function of the GCIS's provincial offices
  • providing leadership in government communication through strengthening and integrating the Government Communication System with provincial structures
  • coordinating the distribution of government information through a network of local, community-based distribution points
  • marketing of Thusong Service Centres in provinces.